Join us March 8th, 5-8pm for our Gallery Opening "If Not Now, When?" featuring drawings from 10 Ulna Studio artists.

*Sold Out*Served Up: Trays & Platters, March 10th


Instructor: Jess Faulk
Class Date: Sunday, March 10th
Time: 2:30-5:30pm
Optional painting dates: March 14th @5 pm,  March 15th @4 pm, March 16th@ 1 pm, March 17th@ 10 am
Please Note: Registering for this class acknowledges that you have read and agree to our CANCELLATION POLICY

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Session One- Instruction, Design, & Craftsmanship:  In our initial gathering, you’ll delve into the essentials of slab construction, learning techniques to roll out and prepare your clay with precision. Discover the joys of transforming a simple slab into a functional piece of art as you learn how to attach a base, sculpt handles, and add decorative flourishes to your platter. After construction and clean-up, Jess will explain underglaze paint options, and show examples of different decorating approaches for you to experiment with when you return to decorate your piece.

Session Two- Personalization & Painting: If you wish to paint your platter, students are welcome to return to the studio for a self-guided “open studio” session (up to four hours) to decorate their piece with underglazes. With a variety of underglazes and decorative tools at your disposal, you’ll bring color and life to your ceramic piece. Students may choose an option from the list of dates below to drop in and paint.

Thursday, March 14th @ 5 pm
Friday, March 15th @ 4 pm
Saturday, March 16th @ 1 pm
Sunday, March 17th @ 10 am

*Disclaimer* If you are unable to make it in for one of the painting sessions, we will proceed with firing your piece and it will be glazed with the other workshop pieces in a clear gloss glaze.

Post-Workshop Firing & Finishing: Leave the complexities of firing to us. Radius will oversee a two-part firing process, finishing your piece with our in house clear glaze.

Pickup Info: Pick up your completed platter between May 9th- June 2nd, during our regular shop hours.

All Skill Levels Welcome! Whether you’re a seasoned ceramicist, or your journey with clay is just beginning, this workshop is crafted for all levels of experience. While prior hand-building skills can be beneficial, they’re not a necessity – just bring your creativity!

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