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Paint Mixing Sunday Afternoons September


Instructor: Jolyn Fry
Dates: Sundays, September 11th – 25th 
Time: 2:00pm – 4:00pm
Location: Ulna Studio, 215 SE Morrison St.
3 sessions, class size is limited to 15 students

15 spots left


Paint Color Mixing class will be taught in person!

Vaccination required/Masks are optional.

Beginners welcome! This class is organized to focus on palette mixing. We will study value, chroma, hue, tinting, and shading. Students will be encouraged to make their own set of color cards. And there will be extra attention allowed towards learning and understanding complementary color mixing! This class welcomes beginner painters who are just getting started and more experienced painters who want to better understand their paint pigments and how to mix color palettes.

The intention is to create a space for artistic learning, showing by example in real time the practice and thought process of being an artist, creating a group space to share and talk about art while offering advice on materials and techniques. A materials list will be provided upon registration.

Please email the instructor with questions:

About the new classroom: Ulna studio is a creative space located on the 7th floor of the Portland Storage Building at 215 SE Morrison st. There is elevator access for arrival to your in person class, but on exiting students have the option to walk down a stairway.

About the instructor: “I highly recommend taking classes at Radius with Jolyn Fry. She is a wonderful artist and teacher, she establishes a legit space to learn and create, it is relaxing, non-competitive, yet as serious as you wanna make it and take it. Jolyn is very kind and does what she can to help you succeed.” -JR