(FULL) Painting Seminar IRL Saturdays November/December


Instructor: Jolyn Fry
Dates: Saturdays, November 7th – December 12th
Time: 9am-3pm/ 1:30pm–3pm with Instructor
Location:  322 SE Morrison

Radius is excited to offer a social distanced in person Painting Seminar class. This class is limited to 6 students, everyone is required to wear masks and keep a social distance of 6 feet. The classroom will be open to Seminar students from 9am-3pm. Jolyn will be available in person from 1:30pm-3pm to check in with students individually. The group will be encouraged to share work with each other, and demos will be offered on an as needed basis.
The intention of this class is to
-provide a set time and space for students to paint, contemplate, and create
-the classroom will be a group space to share and talk about art
-the instructor offers advice on materials, technique, and subject matter
-the instructor helps students address artist blocks, and models how to create time and space for a nourishing art practice.

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