Quarantine Drawing Club (online)Topic: Ancestor Still life


Date: Saturday, August 8th
Time: 10:30am-11:30am PST
Location: Zoom.us (Online)
Instructor: Lettie Jane Rennekamp
Cost: $30 Suggested, Sliding Scale

We have been drawing our way through the quarantine! Join us for another week of live online workshops with Lettie Jane. This week’s topic: Ancestor Still life 

Grab one to five special objects that represent where you come from. Think of things that makes you feel safe, soothed, and at home. Ancestors can be actual people you are related to, they can be people you’ve never met that you have resonance with, they can be animals, places you once lived or felt like you should live. These objects can be rocks, figurines, plants, clothes, photographs, etc. We will draw this still life over the course of two weekend classes, the first week we’ll arrange the still life and draw everything in with pencil or in black and white, think of making the skeleton of the still life. The second week we’ll add color.

Lettie’s Suggested supplies:

Please set aside any art tools that feel really easy and accessible to use. If you’ve got your oil paint station all situated, use that. If it’s a highlights and a ballpoint pen, use that. My go-to art supply is a Tombow Fedenosuke Brush Pen. I use both the soft and the hard tip, and I like that the ink runs consistently, you can get a fine or a fat line and they aren’t expensive.

Class will be presented via Zoom, you can access the application on your smartphone, tablet or computer. To join the virtual meeting room:

  1. Visit Zoom.us to download application and create a profile
  2. Use the meeting link that is sent to you after you checkout through the Radius website.