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Hand-build a Butter Dish! Sunday, October 15th


Instructor: Jessica Faulk
Date: Sunday, October 15th
Time: 2:30pm-7:30pm

Location: Radius Art Studio, 2324 SE Belmont

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Join us to make and decorate a butter dish. This hand-building project is involved and a bit of a challenge so prior clay experience is required. 

During this workshop, we will explore the process of soft slab construction using paper templates. Even though this is a project-based workshop it might be an introduction to understanding and exploring a new-to-you skill. We will also talk about different options and methods for applying underglaze to decorate your customized piece. 

In addition to the butter dish (for pick up a month later), participants will be able to walk away with a template and knowledge to create future butter dishes.

Come with curiosity, questions, and a snack because though this workshop will fly by it’s a long one.

Please Note:

Work made in class will be ready for pickup one calendar month after your workshop date. This gives us time to complete the multi-step firing and glazing process. You will have one month from this date to come pick up your work before it is donated. You will not be emailed/notified when your piece is ready so, please take note of your class date and any pickup information your instructor provides. Pickup hours are during our regular open hours, Thursday 5-9pm // Friday 4-8pm // Saturday 1-5pm // Sunday 10am-2pm. The front desk will assist with locating your work.