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*sold out* Friday Night Figure Drawing (Jan 26)


Instructor: Lettie Jane Rennekamp
Date: Friday, January 26th
Time: 5:00-8:30
Location: Ulna Art Studio, 215 SE Morrison St
Class size: 15 students

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Join us at Ulna Studio for an Figure Drawing Workshop with Lettie Jane Rennenkamp, Sarah Levy and Cole Lyons.

Our first Friday Night Figure Drawing class was a hit, so we’ve decided to make a habit of it. Join us for the last Friday of the month, each month. These classes will run all year, but you sign up for them one at a time, this is for Friday, January 26th.

Lettie Jane, Sarah and Cole each have a distinct approach to capturing the figure: Lettie Jane’s emphasis is on finding volume with light and shadow, Sarah’s focus is on touch and letting the mark follow her intuitive interest, Cole captures weight with bold mark making and color. Their common ground is the desire to embrace expression and looseness over exacting realism.

We will spend 3 hours drawing from life and reflect on our practice. We will begin the class with quick, gestural poses and work our way slowly into longer poses.

Students should provide their own materials for this course. If you want to use the classroom materials you can for a small fee of $5 due at class time.

All model fees are covered by the cost of the course.

About the instructors:

Lettie Jane Rennekamp is an illustrator and artist based in Portland, Oregon by way of Kentucky. Her illustrations are bold and tender at the same time, depicting motherhood, varying versions of gender expression, community, and nature all together. She is the creator of Many Queens, a gender-inclusive tarot deck.

Sarah Levy is a multi disciplinary artist and drawing teacher based in Portland. Her drawing process emphasizes looking deeply, curiosity and play in mark-making, and trusting your body to react in the moment while being open to the unexpected. Through her classes she aspires to help you find a way of drawing that “feels like you” and push you to a deeper level of experiencing the subject.

Cole is a painter and visual artist based in Portland Oregon. Nature is the biggest influence in Cole’s art especially now that natural disasters are ever increasing with climate change. Making observations, interpretations, and communicating the forms of nature that he thinks should be preserved and cherished is his goal. He wants to create excitement about preservation through visual interest by bringing the feelings and emotions associated in nature. Cole studied illustration at the Academy of Art in San Francisco and has a Bachelors of Arts in Art History from Portland State University.

About the classroom space: Ulna studio is a creative space located on the 7th floor of the Portland Storage Building on SE Morrison st. There is elevator access for arrival to your in-person class and students will leave via a 7-flight staircase.

If you are Black or Indigenous or Trans and would like 50% off class cost please use the coupon code MAGENTA at check out.