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*Sold Out* Exploring Surfaces with Underglaze (January 15th)


Instructor: Jess Faulk Date: Sunday, January 15th Time: 1pm-4pm Refund Policy

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This workshop is designed for those that have a ceramic practice, and are looking to add new information and techniques to their toolbox. Are you looking to develop a clearer personal narrative in your ceramics practice? Curiosity, play, and experimentation are encouraged during this workshop!

During this hands-on workshop, Jess will demonstrate various ways of decorating clay with underglaze using both reductive and applied approaches. Get a glimpse into stencil resist, carving, inlaying, wax resist, and mono printing. While students experiment and try the various learned techniques, Jess will be there to help you troubleshoot and answer any questions you might have. 

5 test tiles will be provided for you to experiment on, and will be bisque fired for you to collect 2 weeks later during our open studio hours. You are also welcome to bring both bisque, leather hard, and bone-dry pieces to experiment on (bisque firing is not included for pieces brought from home, but kiln space can be purchased for 6 cents per cubic inch).