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Monday PM Gas Firing Ceramics (12 weeks, intermediate level)


Mondays, Sept. 21st – Nov. 16th // 6pm-9pm: Work days
Saturday Dec. 5th // 5-9pm: Kiln loading (students encouraged to attend)
Sunday, Dec. 6th //  8am-6pm: Firing day (students schedule time with instructor to participate)
Monday, Dec. 14th // 6pm-9pm: Kiln unloading and show and tell

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Instructor:  Sam Newman

Location: Radius Art Studio, 322 SE Morrison St.

Workshop fee includes 25lbs ^10 B-mix clay, over 36 hours of instruction time, and the cost of a bisque and gas firing for 2.5 cubic feet of work per student. We are currently closed for Hourly Open studio Access.

In this workshop, students will be participating in an atmospheric gas firing at Radius Community Art Studio. This workshop will include making work for the firing and learning to load, fire, unload and clean the gas kiln and wares. Students will be exposed to various glazing techniques and learn how a reduction atmosphere affects ceramic wares. During class time Sam will demo throwing, assembling, more involved forms, altering, and surface techniques.

This class is a great opportunity to grow and build on existing skills and expand your knowledge of firing methods. Students should have basic ceramics skills, and are welcome to hand build or throw work for the firing. Learn more about the instructor at https://www.suayceramics.com.

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