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Coffee Cup + Pour-Over Set Sunday, November 12th


Instructor: Jessica Faulk
Date: Sunday, November 12th
Time: 2:30pm-6:30pm

Location: Radius Art Studio, 2324 SE Belmont

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11 spots left


In this project-based workshop, we will guide you through the entire process of hand-building a coffee cup and pour-over set. We will go over the basics of how to properly prepare the clay, roll it into slabs, and then cut all of the parts necessary to build your unique pieces. We will then cover the proper technique for assembling the parts to create a functional coffee mug and matching pour-over set.

After construction, students will have the choice to stay and paint their own set or have us glaze it for them with our beautiful house-made white gloss glaze. After the workshop, it will go through a two-part firing process which takes a few weeks, and will be ready to pick up during shop hours approximately 1 month later.

This workshop is open to all skill levels but some hand building experience is helpful.

Please Note:

Work made in class will be ready for pick up one calendar month after your workshop date. This gives us time to complete the multi-step firing and glazing process. You will have one month from this date to come pick up your work before it is donated. You will not be emailed/notified when your piece is ready so, please take note of your class date and any pickup information your instructor provides. Pickup hours are during our regular open hours, Thursday 5-9pm // Friday 4-8pm // Saturday 1-5pm // Sunday 10am-2pm. The front desk will assist with locating your work.