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We are now selling clay to the general public! We stock a variety of clay bodies for all your ceramic needs at a discounted rate. Prices are for a 25 lb bag.

BC6: Smooth, off white stoneware, cone 5

Glacier Porcelain: Smooth, white porcelain, cone 5

Laguna Speckled Buff: Slightly coarse stoneware, light brown with black specks, cone 4-6

Idaho Buff: Slightly coarse stoneware, creamy tan color with subtle black speckles, cone 5-6

Oregon Red Stoneware: Medium smooth, dark red, cone 5

Laguna cone 10 B-mix: Smooth, cream white stoneware, cone 10 *Please note this clay is for our cone 10 gas firings only (unless you are firing a cone 10 kiln off site)

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Clay can be picked up during curbside drop off/pickup times:
Drop off/ Pick Up Times:
Tuesday 6pm – 7:30pm
Friday 4pm – 6pm
Saturday 3:30pm – 5pm
Sunday 10am – 11:30am

Please pick up your order within one week or purchase date or we will charge a $5 reshelving fee at the time of pickup. When you arrive at the studio, please provide proof of purchase by showing you order to the staff person.