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Ceramic Study Hall, March 24th


Date: Sunday, March 24th Time: 2:30pm-5:30pm Location: Radius Art Studio 2324 SE Belmont Cost: $75 Please Note: Registering for this class acknowledges that you have read and agree to our CANCELLATION POLICY

10 spots left

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Welcome to Study Hall, an open studio ceramics class designed for individuals who are eager to expand on their clay practice with fellow ceramic artists. Under the expert guidance of Jess Faulk, a seasoned ceramist with over 20 years of hands-on clay experience and 15 years of teaching, this class offers a unique approach to pottery and ceramic art.

Instead of following a rigid curriculum, each session is an invitation to explore your personal clay projects and artistic objectives. Here, the atmosphere is akin to a study hall, where the structure is determined by the individual needs and the collaborative spirit of the group.

Key Features of Study Hall:

Personalized Project Focus: Bring your ideas to life as you work on your ceramic projects at your own pace. Whether you’re throwing on the wheel, hand-building, sculpting, or experimenting with glazes, the direction is yours to choose.

Community-Centered Learning: Engage in enriching conversations, share techniques, and participate in group critiques, fostering camaraderie and a supportive network among fellow artists.

Holistic Support: Jess Faulk will offer technical guidance, emotional support, and constructive feedback, ensuring a well-rounded developmental experience for each artist.

Artistic Development: With an emphasis on voice and style, you are encouraged to delve deeper into the craft, find your unique expression, and refine your artistic narrative within the versatile medium of clay.

Complex Troubleshooting: Tackle more intricate designs and technical challenges with Jess’s expertise. Overcome obstacles in form and function with personalized troubleshooting sessions.

Nurturing Environment: Experience a supportive and engaging environment where the joy of creation is paramount, and the stresses of the outside world is left at the door as your hands shape the earth.

Dedicated Studio Time: Enjoy uninterrupted time to work on your projects, with access to the studio’s facilities and resources.

This class is perfect for intermediate to advanced ceramists looking to further their practice.