painting classes


Painting classes, shared studio use, and basic tools are provided for painting students and studio members. Painting is the practice of applying paint or color to a solid surface, here at Radius we give you the space and the know how to accomplish your creative ideas! We offer an open and spacious shared studio for you to stretch and paint on canvases of virtually any size. Our space has an inviting feel with hardwoods floors and natural light filtering in from the North facing window. Painters work with oil paint, acrylic paint, and watercolor paints. Everyone has access to studio easels, large worktables, drawing boards, cleanup sinks, and solvent disposal services.

For students and partners in painting, we have a racks capable of storing work up to 4’x5′ as well as a smaller drying rack for works on paper. Additionally, we offer a selection of general studio tools handy for all media such as a large paper cutter, folders for paper storage, and movable studio lights. For those members interested in building and stretching their own canvases, our staple guns and canvas pliers are available.

Want to be an artist, or just want to try something new? Learn how to paint (with oil paint or acrylic paints) or continue to develop your skills in an inspired, supportive, and constructive environment. Our painting classes are designed for beginning students, and workshops specifically accommodate those who have little to no experience with painting. We also offer seminar classes structured for those who have a solid foundation in the medium of oil painting or acrylic painting. The painting seminar allows intermediate as well as more advanced students to work with the instructor on independent projects which are student lead with a personally focused process. Check out our painting workshops here on the workshop page!