Experimental Ceramics Workshop with Guest Artist Maya Vivas


Instructor: Maya Vivas
Dates: Sat, November 16th and Sun, November 17th
Times: 12pm-3pm
Location: Radius Annex, 3022 E Burnside Street

Ignoring all rules of traditional pottery making, this 2 day workshop will encourage you to play and explore all the different forms that clay can take. Coil, slam, pinch, scrape, smoosh, chop, roll, poke, carve, and spread. The goal is to become more in tune with our bodies and how they are connected to the physicality of this medium. This is a hands on workshop but the focus is not on a “finished” object. If you wish to fire the pieces you create during this workshop we encourage you to become an Hourly Radius Member and fire at our studio. 

About: Maya Vivas is a ceramic sculptor and performance artist based in of Portland Oregon and co-founder of Ori Gallery. Whose mission is to redefine “the white cube” through amplifying the voices of Queer and Trans Artists of color, community organizing and mobilization through the arts.

Statement : Through sculptural gesture, absurdity, carnality, speculative fiction, and body horror, I navigate questions of diasporic body memory and space as filtered through the senses.

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