Building Translucent Porcelain forms with Guest Artist Bryan Hopkins


Instructor: Bryan Hopkins
Dates: Sat, April 4th and Sun, April 5th
Times: 10am-5pm with a 1hr lunch break
Location: Radius Art Studio One, 322 SE Morrison St

In this guest series two day workshop Bryan Hopkins will talk about and demonstrate pushing porcelain pots to
the edge of the rule that form must follow function- that grey area where provocative work exists. He will discuss the importance of developing clay bodies specific to his needs, making tools, and the importance of collaboration. Bryan will demonstrate his methods for making translucent porcelain pieces (cups, bowls, etc.), as well as how to successfully add hand-built elements to wheel thrown parts to create interesting asymmetric forms, influenced by architecture, historic ceramics, and his urban environment.

The workshop will cover Bryan’s methods for making translucent porcelain pieces (cups, bowls, etc.), as well his use of carving tools and bisque molds to affect surface, and increase translucence; water erosion and paper resist techniques will also be demonstrated, as well as effective joining techniques for porcelain slab work. Each day will include one-on-one instruction time, critique of the days’ production, and short talks about historic and contemporary artists who work might apply to the workshop participant. Bryan’s goal for his students is for them to have a clear and unique
voice in porcelain.

10 spots left

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